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Belt Surface Processed

Product Details

In order to meet deffrient reqirement,the surface of steel belt has to be treated by some processing.Surface treatments give engineers the opportunity to alter the natural surface properties of a metal belt.Surface treatments may be applied to one or both surfaces of a belt.Application methods include PTFE coating,Perforating,plating,laminating,polishing and rubber and diamond bonding.

The main surface treatments options are as follows,

°ŮPTFE Coating

  The PTFE coating has many advantages,such as good non-sticking,wear-resisting,corrosion resistance,high and low temperature resistance ect.It can work at -190°„C~320°„C.We can process black,green and grey three colors PFFE coating on the steel belt surface at present.The coating thickness is from 0.01mm to 0.025mm,The color' detais are as follows,


After being perforated precisely,the hot air is transferred through the steel belt, thus the air is in contact with all parts of the product on the steel belt. So can be used for the drying goods widely.In addition,the perforated steel belts can be uesed for conveying some goods by vaccum adsorption in many fields.

 The common specifications of hole size are as follows,


   Mirror-polished steel belts for the production of different types of thin film and ceramic sheets. The belts are available in thickness from 0.30 to 2.00 mm with thickness variation less than or equal to 80 µm.