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Timing or Positioning and Linear Drive

Timing or Positioning Belts  

Timing or Positioning Belts are manufactured with precision perforations, which can be produced mechanically or by using non-impact methods.Perforations can be added for increased positional accuracy in conjunction with appropriative timing pulleys.This type of belts don't generate particulates,require no lubrication,virtually non stretchable. It will offer the same precision positioning for your applications.

 Carriage Positioning
 Vacuum Conveying
 Web Conveying

Applicable Steel Belt Grade:  1200MS   1400MS 

Linear Drive Belts  

Linear driving belts or driving tapes are are not endless. Drive tapes can be fitted with specialized end attachments or perforations. They can perform with zero or near zero backlash.

 Carriage Positioning
 Robot Arms
 Read/Write Head Positioning
 Optical Element Drives 

Applicable Steel Belt Grade:  1200MS   1400MS   1500AS