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Food Industry

Food Baked 

Metal belt is made of carbon steel which has good efficiency for heat exchange.Not only the processed food is excellent taste,but also can save energy greatly.It can be used for processing bread,cookies,potato chips,chocolate,egg pie and petfood,ect.

Applicable Steel Belt Grade:  1300CS 

Chocolate And Confectionery  Processed  

Metal belt has good thermal properties and easy cleaning.It can be used for processing chocolate and other confrctionery,including conveying and cooling/solidfication,conductioning,drop-forming(pastilation),freezing,baking and finishing. 

Applicable Steel Belt Grade:  1300CS   1200SF 

Seadfood Freezing And Meat Processed 

 Stanless steel has good anti-low temperature resistance.So it can be used for seadfood and meat processed in IQF tunnel freezer,such as fish,shrimp,pork ect.

Applicable Steel Belt Grade:  1200SF   1000SL 

Vegetables And Fruit Slices Dried 

Stainless steel belt is Perforated precisely,then the hot air is transferred through the steel belt, thus the air is in contact with all kinds of the food on the steel belt. So can be used for the dried food widely,such as evaporated vegetables and dried fruit slices .

Applicable Steel Belt Grade:  1200SF   1000SL